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The Funeral Song and a song for going home.


"Dancing in Heaven"
Funeral Song
By Joe and Melissa Champlion
Copyright 2004 / All rights reserved

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We all have loved ones that go home to be with the Lord. This song was written with that fact in mind. What a blessed hope we have, for those of us who live in Jesus.... No good-bye's, no pain, no tears..... Take heart, and rest in Him today. You will see your loved one again.

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Funeral Song Lyrics

Dancing in Heaven / Funeral Song
Copyright 2004 / All rights reserved
Joe & Melissa Champlion

There's a mansion on a hill where you reside.... in heaven.

No more tears, hurt, or pain.... thunder or rain.... in heaven

You're dancing in heaven now... dancing... in heaven


Many years we've shared and oh how much I've cared for you

Oh but nothings really changed, you're just on the other side of the river

You're dancing in the river now... oh you're dancing

You're dancing in the river now... oh you're the river


One day I'll be with you

But for now, I have His work to do

This is just a moment in the folds of time..... ooh ooo


So your eternity is now, but my today's go on down here

Oh I comfort in the thought that where you are I'm going.

We'll be dancing on streets of gold... oh we'll be dancing

We'll be dancing on streets of gold... dancing ..... in heaven

Heaven, heaven will be our home.

We're gonna be with Jesus!

We're gonna be with our Lord together


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