Peaceful Radio

Peaceful Christian music that will refresh your soul

We want to be a place for you to come and find your refuge in the Lord. Sometimes this life can be very disheartening and hard.. and it’s in worshiping God that we find peace and strength. Our Christian radio station has been online since July 2006 and Soulkeeper Music since 2001. We have soft, peaceful music to refresh, renew and restore your soul.

Christian Radio Station

Meet many of our Christian Indie Radio Artists. Hear their music and send them an encouraging email. Join us on FaceBook and interact with them as well as other members. Listen to our Christmas radio stream while you work or listen to our Christian instrumental music stream during your devotion time. Need encouragement? Listen to our online devotions stream. Each of our web channels are growing every day so be sure to check back for updates!

Click on the graphics below to listen to the station of your choice.  We pray this music will draw you closer to the Lord. In the near future, we will have many different genres in many different web channels. When we take the time to worship Him, not only do we bless Him with our song, but we are touched in such a way that we will never be the same again. That is why we make this station available to you…. it is an opportunity to worship Him 24/7 and an opportunity to draw near to Him and be changed forever.