Free Evangelism Song

Don’t Wait…
A song the church desperately needs to hear

Feel free to download all the tracks for God’s glory. You can sing the song at any church or church event, and if you’re recording the service that’s fine. The song cannot be recorded and sold for profit, or be used in any media productions such as video tapes, radio and sound recordings to be distributed to enhance your ministry without our permission. It can be used for live plays and productions, and again, if the play is video taped, that’s fine. We just don’t want anyone taking the song and making a profit off of it.

If you do want to use the song for any media purposes, such as Global Outreach did with their promo video, or for a radio program, just send us an e-mail and we discuss this issue. We just need to know where the song is, and what it’s being used for other than in churches and church events. If anyone asks for information about the song, please direct them to our site, please just don’t run off a copy. If you have questions, feel free to contact us. Thank you for your kind respect.

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Don’t Wait – Full Song

Don’t Wait – Full Accompaniment track

Don’t Wait / Free Evangelism Song

From the album “Zion Sing!”
©1998 All rights reserved

Another soul is lost
A mother’s heart is broken
Another day is passing
Another chance is gone.
Another eye cries a tear
Another ear yearns to hear
that voice which was unspoken,
that word which was unheard.

Don’t wait another day to tell someone
about the Lord
Don’t wait another day to tell someone
about Jesus.

Can you see their faces
In the world today?
Their lost souls and broken dreams
they search for a way
Another laugh will be unheard
another song for God unsung
another smile gone forever
another dream of God’s lost

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