Our Music

Music by Joe and Melissa

Joe and Melissa create, write and record all of the music together. Melissa writes primarily by the piano, but she is familiar with the flute and clarinet. Joe is the brains behind it all. He’s the only one who can turn the studio on! :) He mixes and produces everything. Joe also writes music and his choice instrument is the guitar.

If you would like to purchase any music, please visit the albums below to purchase on each page. Feel free to email us with any questions!

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Free Evangelism Song

Don’t Wait… A song the church desperately needs to hear Feel free to download all the tracks for God’s glory. You can sing the song at any church or church event, and if you’re recording the service that’s fine. The song cannot be recorded and sold for profit, or be…

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You Hear Me

Peaceful Worship Music “You Hear Me” A true worship album. This album consists of three brand-new songs, a remix, and an old hymn that will move your heart. Album Credits: Production, Guitar, Vocals – Joe Champlion Vocals, Clarinet, Flute, Album Artwork – Melissa Champlion Percussion – Jeff Paul , Joe…

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Heavenly Peace (Christmas)

Peaceful Christmas Music

Peaceful Christmas Music Peaceful, soothing Christmas music with traditional melodies and 3 brand new releases that will touch your heart. This album has been purchased all over the world and people cannot tell us what a blessing this Christmas album us to them. This album has peaceful, soothing Christmas songs…

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You Remain

 You Remain Copyright 2003 “People come, and people go, but You remain.” Songs on the Album I Trust in Thee Honestly, this song came from the bottom, bottom of my heart. It was a time in life when it seemed like it couldn’t get any worse… During this time, I…

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