Mother’s Day Song

Mother’s Day Song with Lyrics
“Dear Mom”

This song just tells it like it is. I don’t see my mother much. She is in a different state, and what is even worse, her grandson doesn’t see her much. I would love for my mother to enjoy our son growing the way she did with me. She has missed all the “big” moments in his life. Birthday parties, first steps,first words, first teeth… not by choice, but by circumstance. This song is for all you grandmothers who wish to see your grandchildren, or for a departed mother.


Meet the sweet lady behind this song! My Momma!  :)

Meet the sweet lady behind this song! My Momma! :)

Dear Mom / Mother’s Day Song

From the album “Zion Sing!”
©1998 All rights reserved
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Dear Mom, I hope this letter finds you well
I’ve been so busy, and there’s so much to tell.
The baby’s gotten so big and I wish you were here to see
and to share those special moments that you had with me.

All those Christmas trees, and the scraped up knees
school books and toys, and life’s little joys.
They’ll soon start over again, with our new little friend
but I wish you were here to see, him grow with me…. dear mom.

Today the baby turned one.
You should’ve seen his face, with the candle on the cake.
And last week he took his first step on his tippy toes,
He smiled with great joy, we said, “What a big boy!”… dear mom
(to chorus)

Time has come and I must go, you’re in my thoughts a lot you know,
I’ll be sure to write again.
Just to let you know, how much I miss you so, I’ll be in touch….
dear mom.

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