Music, Ministry, Homeschool, and Laundry!

Hello Dear Friends!

We are so blessed by the posts and comments we receive on our Facebook and blog. We love each and every one of you!!!  I wish I had time to reply to you all.  In time, we pray we will. and is our heartbeat. The Lord has given us this call to proclaim His goodness and love in music and to be a platform for those who want to do the same.  We are slowly growing, but we also have many other things on our plate to do in life.  Raising a family, homeschooling, laundry, work, you know how it goes!!  :)  We have 2 more years of homeschooling and then I will have more time to update our radio station pages and artists as well as get in the studio and write more music!  :)  We have so much planned and so little time right now… but it’s all in the Lord’s timing! Raising a Godly child is first on our list!  :)

Here are a few things that will be coming up:

1. New album hopefully coming out in the next few months. (maybe 6 months?).

2. Video shoot and developing a YouTube channel with our music.   (Please pray that the Lord would provide a video camera).

3. More music on our site, and more interactive features for our visitors.

4. We will be ministering in more area churches as well as nursing homes and to the homeless. We’ll keep you posted via facebook and here.
God is GOOD!  (all the time!)  We just wanted you to know we’re still here and have many plans for our sites/ministry.  Thank you again for all of your WONDERFUL and ENCOURAGING emails/posts.  Thank you for your prayers for our ministry as well.  Pray that our eyes and ears would be open to the leading of the Lord.

We love you all!
Joe & Melissa


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