Peaceful Worship Radio

Peaceful Worship Radio

Peaceful worship radioWe are aware of some of you having streaming problems with only one song playing at a time. Thank you for making us aware of this and we sincerely apologize for this interruption.  Please keep in mind, this ministry is strictly volunteer so we will be trying to fix this issue as soon as possible.

Joe and Melissa ♥

To worship God is to give Him our love, reverence,  and devotion.  As you quiet yourself, begin reflecting on the cross and all that Jesus has lovingly purchased for you.  Maybe you like to play this stream as you work, go to sleep, or just background music as you pray.  Whatever you do, know that your loving Heavenly Father is watching over you, and the angels worship right along with you!

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Like a song on the list? Visit our Artist Page for a link to their website where you can purchase the music. We do not sell any of their music, you would have to contact them.


  1. I am listening via the “new” site for the first time today. I notice that the music is not cycling as usual….it plays a 1 or 2 songs then stops. I am on the Peaceful worship option. I haven’t tried any of the others yet.

  2. Hi, with this new website I can only listen to 1 song at a time which I have to come every single time to play the next song. Am I doing something wrong or you simply don’t offer that option any more.
    Please let me know.
    Wil Merino

    • Wil, sorry about that! :) No, you should be able to listen uninterrupted. We think we fixed it. There was a little something in the code that was the problem. Please let us know if you still experience the problem.

      Blessings to you!

  3. Betty marie Andrews

    I love your music, it is crystal clear and very worshipful, thank You.
    Many Blessings,

  4. Thank you for putting this together. The music is just wonderful, peaceful and relaxing. it’s really nice to hear song’s that truly give glory to God. I listen to the station all the time!

  5. Thank you for your contribution to the body of Christ. I am on a journey through a valley now and “The will of a Loving Father” by Collin Stoodley lifts me. May the God of peace and grace cover you and your family in this effort.

  6. I listen to the playlist in the background while working on my laptop. Thank you for the delivery of decent music!
    Not sure though if the music is being refreshed after a while/couple of hours/days. I hope so!

  7. Beautiful simply Beautiful. Thank you Lord Jesus for opening this Christian radio station too me. Bless those you are a part of this ministry. I have been a Christian musician for over 20 years and at the young age of 62 have found a new place of worship. Thank you.

  8. Just discovered your sites, and LOVE the music…just what I’ve been looking for. I look forward to exploring your sites and reading all about your ministry.

  9. nice, I like it very much. it’s nice to get away from the usual “contemporary sound”, the only one promoted on regular radio.

  10. Thank you, again!! I loved the Soaking music, but I think I love the worship music even more. This is wonderful for spending time with my precious Lord. This helps me worship and is the perfect way to spend time with God.

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