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We are aware of some of you having streaming problems with only one song playing at a time. Thank you for making us aware of this and we sincerely apologize for this interruption.  Please keep in mind, this ministry is strictly volunteer so we will be trying to fix this issue as soon as possible.

Joe and Melissa ♥

What is “Soaking”?

Soaking Music

This article may help you. The Holy Spirit is moving in the earth today and God is inviting His people to pursue Him like never before. Our Heavenly Father desires communion with His children. It is basically spending time alone with the Lord in worship. To draw nearer to Him, to know Him more deeply. Unfortunately, some Christians today become nervous at the mention of words like ‘soaking prayer’, ‘contemplative prayer’, ‘meditation’, or ‘quietness’ because of their modern association with New Age or occult practices. So it is important to distinguish between the biblical concept of ‘soaking prayer’ and any pagan counterfeits. Please view the link above to help you understand a deeper meaning of it.

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Like a song on the list? Visit our Artist Page for a link to their website where you can purchase the music. We do not sell any of their music, you would have to contact them.



  1. robert cummings


    • You are so welcome! Do you sell your paintings online? Feel free to share your website on here, maybe someone would buy one! :)

      Blessings to you!
      Joe and Melissa

  2. Thank you so much for your inspirational melodies on It is very soothing to play in the background as the Holy Spirit directs me in my design work. ‘Definitely keeps my soul at peace and my mind in focus to receive divine inspiration as God creates artwork through me. Blessings to you and your family, Teigh

    • I just wanted to thank you and your family not only for the anointed ministry but also for your commitment and dedication to maintained it.

      For you to have a ministry where your must important objective is to praise and worship our amazing God and help others also to do.

      I know The Lord will thank you with a welcome arms and will said my son
      “well done my faithful servant…..

      Thanks again from my heart

      Your sister in Christ

  3. Wonderful! I am working on my master’s thesis for biblical counseling and I like to have music in the background. I just stumbled upon your site and fell in love with all of the beautiful and restful music. I have it bookmarked and will be returning again. Thank you for answering the call to offer this to other believers.

  4. I cannot help but come into God’s presence in listening to this music. I play it in the background when I am studying the Word, but there have been times when I will just let it play all night as I sleep. And honestly, my sleep is sweeter when music like this is playing as opposed to normal Christian radio.

  5. I LOVE soulkeeper music. I first started listening 3 years ago while completing my masters degree and I’ve been blessed ever since. I teach PraiseMoves (A Christian Alternative to Yoga) and I’m thinking about using this music during the class and encouraging others to listen as well. I hope that boosts your listeners and increases donations. God Bless you all! You’re doing amazing work!
    With Love,
    Your Sister in Christ Nicole

  6. I found your station and I listen to you on the internet at work. I really like your calm music. It keeps me focused on my Lord during the day. Do you have an app?

  7. The music is so good to listen to and it puts my mind at ease resting in the Lord.
    Thank you so much.

  8. Thank you so much for Soaking Music Radio Stream! This beautiful music quiets my heart and draws me deeper into God’s presence. I am so grateful to you for your ministry!

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