You Remain

 You Remain

Copyright 2003

“People come, and people go, but You remain.”

Songs on the Album

I Trust in TheeYou Remain

Honestly, this song came from the bottom, bottom of my heart. It was a time in life when it seemed like it couldn’t get any worse… During this time, I cried out to the Lord, “When the road is long, when the river is deep, when the mountain is high, I’ll still climb to You… O Lord, I trust in Thee.” No matter what, no matter how bad, or hard, I will trust in Thee.

I want to encourage you, just trust in Him. Let go of the stress, do all you can, and leave the rest in the His hands…. Stay in the Word, and go to church… It may be really hard right now, but God is in control. He’s a carpenter, he knows the exact measurements for your cross to fit you perfectly.


Our God

If you would believe it or not, this song was written in about 20 minutes. It was one of those “God Moments”. Joe wrote the chord structure, I figured out the drums, and we just praised God in the studio and made up the words as we danced.. Guess you can say it was a song from our heart.

OUR GOD JEHOVAH! He’s everything we need! He’s mighty! Counselor! Keeper of Justice! Helper of the oppressed and weary! Demons flee at His command! Merciful! Full of patience! He’s our keeper, Redeemer! Living water! All that we have need of, He supplies the need.

He’s a God that gives us JOY!!!


I Love You [Children’s Song]

Our son Jesse wrote this song in the back of the truck while running some errands one day. He had the tune in his head and started singing “I love You cuz I love You, not because they tell me to” Well, being a home schooling mom, I used the moment for a lesson, and we worked on rhyming. [he was 5 at the time] We had so much fun! To make a long story short, we wrote the song, and he recorded it at the age of 6 yrs old. His very own song!


You Remain

People come, and people go, but You remain.

Those words resound within my heart. For the first 7 years of my Christianity, I belonged to an awesome church. We were a very close family. We all knew each other, had dinner together, ministered together, and had many great times. Well, a few things happened that devastated many and time went on and people went their own way. Best friends don’t call anymore, loved ones give the cold shoulder, people who you worked shoulder to shoulder with for the Lord are no longer on fire for the Lord…. on heroine, addicted to pornography, pastors in deep trouble…..

People come, and people go, but You remain.

That is why I named this album “You Remain”. These past few years have had such a deep impact on me. I’ve grown deeper , stronger and closer to Him. I’ve learned that people are people, and they change, they come, and they do go…. In the song, I also write about my son, “In my hand is a little hand, and one day he’ll become a man”… children come and children grow, but You remain”. Kids come and “grow” too… I have a firm foundation in God… He will never leave me nor forsake me. My future is hopeful, and I’m secure in knowing that He will be there forever.

I praise God for His love for me… because I don’t deserve it.


The Rainbow

This song is very dear to my heart. It was written during the time we lost our 2 children through miscarriages. I can remember sitting in my car, waiting in the parking lot to go to work. We were a one car family back then, and I had dropped my husband off first, and I had some time to kill. I didn’t bring my Bible with me, so I just prayed and talked with the Lord. Out of the blue, a word was dropped in my heart.

“Your tears will form a rainbow through my Son [Jesus]” and all will see the rainbow of promise….

Now, I know that was the Lord, because I would have never thought that up. It’s just like after the storm, when the sun starts to shine, you see the huge rainbow in the sky, and people are in awe of the beautiful site. All through work that day my heart was strengthened by the gentle word the Lord spoke to my spirit. It calmed me. I went home and a few days later, this song was born.

If you’re going through something right now, God will take your tears and through His Son [sun] form a rainbow in your life it will show God’s promises for all to see. This word has come to pass in our life. We struggled for years to have a child, and now we have little Jesse… And you know how our promise has been seen? Jesse’s picture was in “Charisma Magazine” on 12/02 [his picture isn’t on the online page but it was printed in the center of the magazine for the whole world to see God’s promise to us] ! The picture online of us is for hunger, but we won’t go there. LOL But, if you’re going through something, hang on!!! God’s word is TRUE, He cares, and He LOVES you! I don’t know why we struggled through that, but because of it, we’re closer to the Lord.


I would if I could

This song was born out of sorrow, and you can probably tell that from the sound, feel, and lyrics. This song was written in the fall of 2001 for Gary and Toni Oliver with the going home of their son Brandon. I’ve had the blessings of knowing the Oliver’s back in the late 80’s, and knew Brandon very well because of babysitting.

Two years later, another close friend went home to be with the Lord, Christian Holohan. I’ve spent many years watching him as a child also, and do miss him now. But one day we will all meet in Glory, and there will be no more sorrow. These young men of God have gone home, and soon, we will be there too.

We have also dedicated it to the victims of 9/11/01. I wish I could have stopped the tragedy.


Lyrics for other songs on the album:

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I Long for You

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